Lab Director

Dr. Douglas Hopkins

Areas of Research:

Very high frequency and high density power electronics.  Extreme environment electronics, and solid state protection.   Organic circuits in power electronics.  High temperature(>300˚C) metal-matrix composite packaging with integrated ceramics

[email protected]             919- 513-5929


Dr. Hussein

Dr. Iqbal Husain

Areas of Research:

Control and modeling of electrical drives, design of electric machines, power conditioning circuits, grid synchronization, and modeling of electric and hybrid vehicle systems.



[email protected]              919-593-5927


Dr. Harryson Dr. Ola Harrysson  

Areas of Research:

Additive manufacturing: bio-medical applications, product development, and manufacturing processes.   Current head of the Additive Manufacturing Lab.


[email protected]                  919-513-0220 

Dr. Adams Dr. Jacob Adams

 Areas of Research:

Novel materials and fabrication methods for multi-functional, conformal, and flexible microwave devices.   Application of eigendecomposition techniques for antenna modeling/design.

[email protected]                   919-513-1141


Yang Xu

Yang Xu                           PhD Student

Areas of Research:

Multi-physics simulations and device packaging. Topology development.





Hao Tao Ke (1)

Haotao Ke                   PhD Student

Areas of Research:

Additive manufacturing and true 3D printing of electronic circuits.





Adam Professional Pic

Adam Morgan            PhD Student

Areas of Research:

Device packaging, interconnect and wire bonding technologies.






Xin Jhao (3)Xin Zhao                                PhD Student

Areas of Research:

Device packaging, metallurgical processes and bonding processes.





DSC_7937Sean Ketring               Undergraduate Student

Areas of Research:

Renewable Energy Systems, project management and process development.   Robotics.