Simulations and Modeling

An accurate and inexpensive first step in Power Electronics Design

One of the important aspects of the research we are doing here at the PREES Lab is the high end simulations of the power electronics we produce.   Our capabilities include an outstanding multi-physics platform, including thermal imaging and modeling software. With these tools we are designing and researching the physical topologies of power electronics to have a smarter device which has mechanical, thermal, and electrical optimizations integrated within the device itself.

The benefits of high-end multi-physics simulations include exploration of design characteristics pertaining to current density, electromagnetic emissions, heat transfer, or mechanical strains.

Electrical and multiphysics simulations, coupled with model verification thru rapid prototyping, provides a robust design platform for fast product development.

A multiphysics approach enables concurrent electrical and thermal design optimization for extreme-environment power electronic systems in applications, such as EV drives, renewable energy conversion, and smart grid protection.

Use of simulations is now needed for parameter determination in very high-density power electronics where probing and testing is very limited.