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The PREES Lab houses a variety of industry grade equipment to assist in the packaging process extending to; solder curing, encapsulation, SMD component and bare die placement, direct write printing, electrical testing, and heavy/fine wire bonding.   In addition to this equipment we also have the resources to do high resolution simulations of electro-physical properties and device parasitics.  The list below is intended to provide more specific information on the equipment we  have in our lab that is available for project use.   Please contact the Lab Manager ([email protected]) if you have any questions related to the equipment you will require for a process, or for general inquiries.


Hesse Mechatronics High Precision Programmable Wire Bonder The Hesse Mechatronics wire bonder is used to make small scale precise and accurate electrical connections. Our particular machine is programmable and can produce a large run of devices with high yield and dependable interconnects.
Technical Specifications
Sikama 5 Stage Reflow Oven Our Sikama oven is a belt drive oven equipped with 5 thermally isolated temperature controlled zones. The oven can operate at temperatures as high as 300 Celsius. Our oven uses both convection and conductive heating. It uses an inert gas supply for convection heating.
Torch Precision Reflow Oven The Torch Reflow Oven is programmable and retain and reproduce reflow curves. One curve can have up to 40 settable temperature segments.
Infrared Furnace RTC LA-306 IR Furnace with 3 temperature zones with up to 1000 Celsius heating. Belt Driven. Inert and controllable atmosphere.
Ultraviolet Curing System Computer controlled UV flood curing system. Adjustable curing time and programmable UV intensity.
Vacuum Chamber Oven A 1.7 cubic foot vacuum chamber which has a vacuum strength of 20 mTorr at 150 celsius.
Nordson EFD 4-Axis Dispensing Robot A four axis direct write printing robot which can dispense material on a 1.5 x 1.5 ft build area. Able to dispense material in complex geometries. Has capability for use in thick film and jet printing processes.
High Voltage (35KV) Power Supplies Variety of power supplies from 30 volt to 35KV
High Frequency (>2Ghz) Tektronix Oscilloscopes Precision measuring equipment, with high voltage and high current probes.
Multiple Channel Waveform Generators Tektronix arbitrary waveform generators.
Makerbot Replicator 2X Thermoplastic extruding 3-D printer with ABS or PLA material.
Torch Pick-and-Place Machine Manual pick and place machine with capabilities to place packages as small as size 0402(metric).









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